S2015 with remote

S2015 with remote

S2015 with remote

Function: random, fixed point, light deep ball
Speed: 20 to 140 kph
Ball capacity: 150
Feed rate: 1,8 - 8 seconds
Power: battery and AC 220 V
Court time: 3-5 hours
Weight: 21 kg.
Spin: top, back
shooting system: internal
Remote: yes, multi-function
charger: yes
 Warranty:  2 years

1 550 €

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Siboasi S2015  specifications:
Speed: 20-140 km / h.
Frequency: from 1.8 to 8 seconds
The capacity of 150 balls.
Weight 21 kg.
Power supply: internal battery or 230 V power socket.
High-capacity lithium-ion battery, battery life: 5 hours
Remote control with LCD display - shows all settings of the ball ejection option.
Internal ball ejection system - only the ejection system inside the machine is movable. The machine is not moving.
The ability to use all types of pressure and non-pressure tennis balls.
Blast of balls without rotation, with top-spin and back-spin rotation in several levels.

Functions of ejection balls:
- in one chosen place: forehand, center or backhand,
- random - balls are throwing randomly into different places.

The most important elements of the machine: the balls ejecting wheels and the main engine are made of high quality materials, they are durable, engine life up to 10 years.