Dramatically Increase Your Skills with a Lobster Tennis Ball Machine.

Many pros attribute a great deal of their success directly to the time they spent practicing with a Lobster Tennis Ball Machine.Whether you're a novice, a junior champ, a weekend warrior, or on the professional circuit, your game will transform with a Lobster Sports Elite Tennis Ball Machine. Our commitment to Built for Life ensures the delivery of innovative and durable battery tennis ball machines that will not only stand the test of time, but make you look and feel great whenever you practice.

The Lobster Sports Elite models are designed to be the best tennis ball machines on the market!

The Lobster Sports Elite models are a revolution in battery-powered tennis ball machines. Our team of mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineers continue to enhance our patent-pending designs to eliminate the competition. Here's how.

Benefits for You :

An ideal solution for ambitious people who want to perfect their tennis skills , teach their children how to play or practice in the company of your friends.

Practice and perfect all possible tennis strokes: forehand, backhand, volley, smash, drop-shot.

Be challenged by the force and rotation of strokes that best professional players possess.

Practice with the regularity which is not possible to be provided by any coach or instructor.

Increase the length and intensity of your training sessions.

Benefits for tennis coaches and instructors:

An ideal solution for modern coaches and instructors who would like to introduce variety to the training of their best students.

Enable your students to be challenged by the force and rotation of strokes that top world-class tennis players possess.

Introduce the machine as one of the elements of training , thanks to which you will attract new students.

Use the machine to practice strenuous ,repetitive elements of the game.

Correct mistakes of your students by observing them practice playing with the machine.

Benefits for tennis clubs and tennis centres:

An ideal solution for modern tennis clubs and tennis centres whose owners would like to increase profits make their offer more attractive.

Attracting new clients to your tennis club.

A possibility of generating profit from renting a tennis machine.

Enabling clients of your club to practice with the machine.

Variety of training offer provided by club coaches.

Reasons to purchase a tennis ball machine from Lobster Sports

Since 1970, we've listened to our customers and monitored changes to the sport of tennis to become the top choice in our field. You benefit from using a highly durable tennis ball machine that lets you choose to work on specific shots or to engage in true match play against an unrelenting professional opponent.
Buy from Lobster Sports knowing that each machine has passed a ten-point quality test before being packaged carefully for Shipping. We back that guarantee with our Durability and Dependability Warranty.